In 2014, Earth2Orbit made history, when its California client Skybox Imaging signed the 1st ever launch agreement between an American company and ISRO | Antrix.

launch vehicle overview

launch procurement services

  • Track launch manifests
  • Procure suitable launch slot for the client
  • Procure and negotiate launch quote for the client
  • Help navigate regulatory and contractual hurdles
  • Facilitate communication between launch provider and client
  • Assist in execution of the Launch Services Agreement

launch campaign management

  • Facilitate execution of Interface Control Document (ICD)
  • Assist in custom clearance once the satellite arrives in Chennai
  • Assist in the transport of satellite and crew from Chennai to Sriharikota
  • Support payload checkout tests at the spaceport
  • Support payload integration with the launch vehicle
  • Provide project management services
  • Facilitate local logistical support for clients



  • Dhruva Space, Bangalore, India
  • Firefly Aerospace, Kanpur, India
  • Genesys, Bangalore, India
  • German Orbital Systems, Berlin, Germany
  • Solid Corporation, Osaka, Japan
  • Taneja Aerospace (TAAL), Bangalore, India



Advisory Board

  • Mr. Ashok Saxena, Domain Expert, Aerospace Manufacturing & Exports
  • Dr. CVS Prakash, Domain Expert, Remote Sensing
  • Mr. Nilamani Mohanty, Domain Expert, Telecommunications
  • Dr. Virendra Jha, Domain Expert, Satellite Technology & Applications