We spent the 1st seven years providing Launch Advisory and Launch Procurement Services to satellite makers. Our focus was the Indian PSLV rocket and international clients seeking launch opportunities to SSO (Sun-Synchronous Orbit) and LEO (Low Earth Orbit).

In December 2015, at the Paris climate conference (COP21), 195 countries adopted the first-ever universal, legally binding global climate deal. Starting January 2016, we shifted gears and decided to support global climate action by starting a new business focusing on Earth Observation (EO) Data Analytics.

Starting 2020, E2O plans to shift its focus to education, media, and outreach. We hope to curate exciting new content as a countdown to India’s first human mission to LEO in 2022, create local and global awareness about India’s exciting space program. We dream of creating a bold new 21st century narrative to counter the western hemispherical bias that has dominated the space exploration narrative for the past 50 years.

  • avatar#1: PSLV launch (Photo: ISRO)
  • avatar#2: Planting paddy in Odisha (Photo Credit: Adhithya Rajan)
  • avatar#3: Opportunity Rover on Mars (Photo Credit: NASA)