Earth2Orbit (E2O) is India’s first private space startup. The idea for E2O came about over coffee at ‘The Grove’ on Fillmore Street in San Francisco.


  • Lead India’s foray into the global space marketplace, 2009-2016
  • Support global climate action using space data analytics, 2016-2019
  • Challenge and change the status-quo, both local and global, 2009->>
  • Foster international cooperation in space, 2009->>
  • Inspire a new generation to dream and reach for the stars, 2020->>
  • Create a bold new 21st century narrative for space exploration, 2020->>

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company history

E2O Avatar #1: 2009-2016: Launch Services

E2O Avatar #2: 2016-2019: Earth Observation (EO) Data Analytics

E2O Avatar #3: 2020->>>: E2O Exploration Lab